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Whiplash Chiropractor


Whiplash Chiropractor by TIM SHANNAHAN- Chiropactor, San Diego, CA Getting Whiplash Chiropractic Treatment If Needed If you are in an accident or have another incident in which your head whips forward or backward, you might have whiplash. You could notice a tightening in your neck and shoulders, along with other symptoms. How [...]

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Text Neck Treatment


Text Neck Treatment by TIM SHANNAHAN- Chiropactor, San Diego, CA Are you suffering from Text-Neck? Advances in technology have changed our everyday lives! Today, people are spending more time on their cell phones, social media, computers, and playing games. This has created an epidemic of poor posture, known as Text-Neck, or forward [...]

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Sciatica Adjustments and How it Helps


Sciatica Adjustments and How it Helps by TIM SHANNAHAN- Chiropractor, San Diego, CA February 14, 2019 More than 17% of American adults report experiencing severe levels of pain on a regular basis. The causes of severe pain include everything from trauma to arthritis and even cancer. Sciatica is a painful symptom in [...]

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MAKE AN APPOINTMENT Chiropractor San Diego - Quality vs. Quantity? by TIM SHANNAHAN, Chiropractor, San Diego, CA. January 7, 2017 In San Diego, the majority of chiropractic offices focus on quantity of work rather than providing quality chiropractic healthcare. Unfortunate truth, huh?  When you walk in to a typical office, you may [...]

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